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NZ Company No. 1409599
  • Natural Health

    Registered complementary medicine for people

    Used and recommended by Practitioners

  • Natural Health

    Registered complementary medicine for animals

    Used and recommended by Veterinarians

Independent research and clinical trials

Anti-inflammatory properties (Rate of Inhibition)

Anti-inflammatory properties (Rate of Inhibition)

This Study was completed in vitro and conducted at the Bio-Investigation Group, Wellington School of Medicine and Health Science, University Otago.

Mobicosa® and Technyflex® clearly demonstrated significantly higher anti-inflammatory properties than the other samples tested.

Exceptional Anti-inflammatory Properties

Essential Fatty Acids Profile

This study was conducted by the Cawthorn Institute, an independent GMP registered laboratory. The test method used: AOAC 18th Edn 963.22.

Mobicosa® and Technyflex® clearly demonstrated a high quality essential fatty acid count.

Essential Fatty Acids Profile

Exceptional Anti-inflammatory Properties

  • A natural analgesic (pain reliever)
  • Suppresses inflammatory cells (neutrophils)
  • Inhibits inflammation pathways
  • Consistently high anti-inflammatory response

New Zealand Greenlipped™ mussels

The New Zealand Greenlipped mussel is a marine shellfish which contains many nutritional benefits. It is the only mussel species in the world to have such nutrients.

It is important to understand that not all New Zealand Greenlipped mussels are of the same quality as they are a farmed species where growth and quality does vary.

Natural Health New Zealand is dedicated to providing the best Quality Greenlipped mussels, from the clean pristine waters of New Zealand.

Harvesting and Processing

Having sound knowledge of mussel growth cycles and the indicators to look for, we can offer superior quality all year round.

To obtain the highest quality nutrients, harvesting and processing occurs in the shortest possible time frame, which is crucial to the success of our product.

Because we are so passionate about the end result, we at Natural Health New Zealand invested heavily to register both Mobicosa® and Kalsio® Products as Human Therapeutic Medicines (TGA), and Technyflex® as Veterinary Complementary Medicines (APVMA).

Quality Assurance and Control

When we provide our products to you – Mobicosa®, Technyflex®, Kalsio® and Kalsytech®, we are delivering what many call extraordinary results, that we are providing the very best New Zealand can offer. We have developed our knowledge of this spectacular species for almost two decades and are committed to best practices to maximise quality and sustainability of our products.

Human and Veterinary (Complementary) Registered Medicines

Natural Health NZ 2002 Ltd (NHNZ) is still to date the only Company globally to hold Human and Veterinary registered (Complementary) Registered Medicines of the Greenlipped mussel products for humans, dogs, horses and cats.

Natural Health NZ 2002 Ltd is the only company to have achieved complementary medicines (TGA), veterinary registered medicines of Equine, Canine and Feline (APVMA) of this product type.

Product registrations and compliances

NHNZ has international registrations and compliances:

  • GMP – Medsafe, NZ Medicines & Medical Devices Safety Authority, Good Manufacturing Practice
  • TGA – Australian Government Department of Health, Therapeutic Goods Administration
  • APVMA – Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority
  • MPI NZFSA – NZ Ministry of Primary Industries, NZ Food Safety Authority
  • RMP – Resource Management Plan
  • NZ Registered Exporters
  • International standards – HACCP, USFDA, KFDA


Experience + Quality have minimised the pitfalls within the industry to provide a superior product that has proven over 20 years to deliver positive results – as demonstrated by our independent research, we pride ourselves on key fundamentals – the efficacy of our product confirms the end result.

  • 100% natural whole food
  • NHNZone green lipped mussel powder
  • NHNZone research, quality control & testing (exclusive to Natural Health NZ 2002 Ltd)
  • Proven bio-active and bio-available properties
  • No known side effects
  • No fillers – 100% mussel meat
  • Your complete product for joint health and integrity
  • Abundance in omegas for overall wellbeing
  • Assistance in skin condition and other biological benefits